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  • Facade 
  • 2 -12in Electrovoice Powered Speakers 
  • 18in Electrovoice Powered Bass 
  • 2 Wireless Shure Microphone
  • 1 Mackie Mix 8 Mixer
  • Gigbar Lights 
  • Table Microphone Stand 

Plus DJ Package

DJ Equipment

Rental Terms

& Conditions

21+ years to rent

All rentals prices are for 48 hours

Insurance always included in price of rental

Last minute/same day rentals available!

At the time of equipment delivery or pick up, CeeKay Soundz requires a valid driver's license, local address, and two valid contact numbers. A rental customer must be at least 21 years of age to sign a rental contract. All Cables and Speaker Stands are included upon request.

After checkout, you will be emailed a form where you can upload your ID, choose your dates and provide the other requested information.

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