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About Us 
Cee Kay Soundz

Chris, also known as DJ Cee Kay, is the CEO and Founder of Cee Kay Soundz. We are an entertainment firm that captures audiences not only by music but by experiences. Cee Kay Soundz is dedicated to eliminating life's troubles and dwelling in a moment of entertainment for you and yours. The company provides music services ranging from Weddings to Corporate Events. 

Ideal customers of Cee Kay Soundz, LLC are newlyweds and/or wedding planners looking for Musical Entertainment allowing them the option to customize their package suitable to their needs.

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 DJ Cee Kay
Cee Kay Soundz CEO
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Concert Crowd
  • Is the mileage fee included in the entertainment packages?
    No, the mileage fee is not included in any entertainment packages. This fee varies upon location of event.
  • Is the client or DJ company responsible for booking hotel reservations?
    The client will be responsible for booking hotel reservations for the DJ in the vicinity of the reception venue.
  • Will you attend the Wedding Rehearsal?
    Yes. We prefer to be in attendance for the rehearsal but only if we are providing ceremony audio. This may effect your hotel reservations for the DJ if it is outside the Triangle, NC area. This is an additional fee.
  • Should we feed the DJ?
    This is not required in our contract and is completely up to you. Typically, the catering director or event coordinator will set aside a meal or boxed dinner for the DJ if requested by the client.
  • What’s your backup plan if something happens to my DJ?
    We always retain one DJ per weekend in each location as a backup in the event of an emergency.

Frequently Asked

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